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Hyperpac and Hypertech Programmer Adds Power to 1999-2006 Ford Power Stroke

The HyperPAC (Hypertech Performance Automotive Computer), winner of two SEMA’s most prestigious awards namely “Best Engineered” and “Best Street performance” and Hypertech programmer are now found on the 1999-2003 Ford 7.3 TD and 2003-2006 Ford 6.0 TD equipped on the F250, F350 and Excursions.

The HyperPAC does not only contain the industry’s leading Power Tuning program but also boosts vehicle’s power up to 117 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque over stock. Aside from that it is also loaded with user-friendly, never-before-offered programs such as Drag Strip, Dynamometer, Engine Monitor, and Diagnostics.

The HyperPAC by essence is different from a programmer in the sense that it is more of a self-contained computer with an operating system in which there are five programs installed – an example of which is the engine and powertain tuning. The Hypertech Programmer on the other hand, is more like an ultra powerful hand-held vehicle control device that is simply plugged in to the diagnostic port of the car or truck. It determines the kind of engine and transmission that a car or truck have. Afterwards it will ask the driver regarding the level of tune that it wants for its car or truck.
The Hypertech programmer will then reconfigure the vehicle’s computer settings. There are also other things that the Programmer is capable of – like adjusting the transmission shift points, engine timing, fuel mixture, rev limits, top speed limits, it can even go as far as correct your speedometer for non-stock tire installations.

The HyperPAC and Hypertech Programmer are very simple to use. It’s all about pushing that button. To begin using the HyperPAC one has to simply push the “Start Tree” button, make a full throttle 1/4 mile run and then a time slip will pop up on the screen. Afterwards Push Road Test and acceleration times from 0 to 10, 20, 30 mph and all the way up until you reach your desired acceleration.

Next is to push the button for the “Dynamometer” and the horsepower and torque number. Do the same for the driving wheels and engine. Then push “Data Acquisition” and spark advance, coolant temp, engine knock, and plus everything else you want and need to know during a dyno or drag strip test and it will all just appear quickly on the screen.

The whole process is quite simple all you did was to start the tree and make a run. Plus everything that you see on the screen is saved automatically. If you want you can also transfer all the runs and data to your personal computer if you want to compare tests or to make color printouts of dyno curves and the powerful torque values every 250 rpm.

According to Hypertech Founder and President Mark Heffington, “We spent years working on the HyperPAC’s core concept, developing the patented algorithms and data acquisition procedures that allowed us to bring this product to market. With the HyperPAC, you can re-program your vehicle for more power and better fuel economy, monitor the engine (with digital or analog gauges displayed) and measure acceleration, power, and torque output. Find out just how much power aftermarket equipment really makes on your car. It’s like having your own drag strip, engine dyno, chassis dyno, data acquisition, diagnostic machine, and power tuning computer, all in one.

About the author: Hannah Racey is a 35 year old native of Chicago, Ill. She has been a car afficionado since she can remember. She now works for an automotive company based in Detroit, Mi. as a consultant.


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