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Ford Escort Mk II 1.3L 1978 Ford Escort Mk II 1.3L 1978 - AutomecanicaManual Reparacion y Servicio Ford Escort

Imagen por Danny McL Esta fue mi primera (y de hecho único coche que se tenga registro en mi nombre) un Escort 1.3L que nos dieron nueva en 1978 en US $ 2,721.25 en Currie Motors en Stamford Hill. Gasolina era 71p por galón en ese momento.

The more square style Mark II version appeared in January 1975. The first production models came off the production lines, the December 2, 1974.

Unlike the first Escort (which was developed by Ford of Britain), the second generation was developed jointly between the UK and Ford Germany. Codenamed “Brenda” during its development, uses the same mechanics as the Mark I. The 950 cc engine yet offered in Italy, where the smaller engine attracted tax advantages, but the other major European markets in Europe was not available.

Versions of the state and they used the same as coffered Mark I, but with the Mark II front end and interior. The car uses a revised bottom, which in fact had been presented as a running change during the last six months of life of the brand

Ford Escort Mk II 1.3L 1978 – Automecanica El Ford Escort hizo 127.000 millas hasta 1985/6 antes de que ella fue desechado.

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